“Big things have small beginnings.”

It is my hope that this blog, starting from this first post, will grow as I travel the world seeking out the sacred places that touch our imaginations and our souls. From our very beginnings we have sought to know and connect with our Creator. We have reached out to God in the hope of being in relationship with the divine; to tap into the mystery of creation so that we might be transformed by the joys and struggles of our earthly pilgrimage to become one with God in heart, mind, and soul. We are all pilgrims walking on our unique pathways deeper into the heart of God.

The baptismal window at Coventry Cathedral in Coventry, England.

The baptismal window from Coventry Cathedral beautifully captures the image of God as the beginning and center of our lives. Just as God was at the heart of creation and the cosmos, so too is God with us when we begin our spiritual journey in baptism. Through baptism we are invited to make a pilgrimage – into the heart and life of God.

This blog will attempt to chronicle the different pilgrim paths, and my own journey in particular. Through pictures, story-telling, and theological reflection I will share with you the different physical and spiritual pilgrimages of my journey in the hope that you might be inspired to seek out a deeper connection with God in your life.

Be sure to check back soon because in five weeks I will embark on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It will be my fourth pilgrimage and my third journey to the Holy Land. You are invited to walk with me as I seek a deeper relationship with God.


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