Hello my faithful companions along the Way. Yesterday was not about visiting any holy sites or seeing any archeological or historical sites. Instead yesterday was about people and celebrating the glory of God in this Holy Land. For our second full day on pilgrimage we traveled roughly 10 miles north from East Jerusalem to Ramallah … Continue reading Ramallah

The Living Stones of the Holy Land

"...You also, like living stones, are being built into a temple of the Spirit" - 1 Peter 2:5 As I mentioned in my previous posts, one of the many things that excited me about this pilgrimage was the prospect of visiting Razzouk Tattoo in the Old City of Jerusalem. I first read about the Razzouk … Continue reading The Living Stones of the Holy Land

Geography of the Holy Land for $100, Alex

Today marked the first official day of our pilgrimage and it was all about geography. In order to better understand the stories in scripture and get a sense of the area, we spent the day getting to know our immediate neighborhood where we will be staying for most of the pilgrimage and we received a … Continue reading Geography of the Holy Land for $100, Alex

We have arrived!

Indeed we have arrived in Tel Aviv after quite an adventure that included lines, getting locked out of the coach, security screenings, and even a missing bag. I shouldn't be surprised that we have experienced a few hiccups so far because this is all part of being on pilgrimage; encountering God in the unexpected. It … Continue reading We have arrived!

Hello Goodbye

Today is the day! It is finally here! We leave for Tel Aviv tonight and it will finally feel like the pilgrimage is underway. Allow me to catch you up on the last 24 hours. My journey began on Tuesday when, after waiting for the last-minute delivery of my power adapter/converter from Amazon, we made … Continue reading Hello Goodbye

Concerning Baggage and Tattoos

In my last post I was reflecting on the nature of pilgrimages and brought up the question about what is the baggage that I will be carrying with me on the pilgrimage? I also wondered, of that baggage what do I need to leave behind before I go and what can I leave over there? … Continue reading Concerning Baggage and Tattoos

What is a pilgrimage?

This time next week I will be sitting in the Newark Airport waiting for our flight from Newark to Tel Aviv. By 7:00pm local time, we will have boarded the 11+ hour nonstop flight and we will be on our way. Of course my pilgrimage will begin the day before as I make my way … Continue reading What is a pilgrimage?

Just for fun!

This video comes from our first family adventure in Idaho. One of the benefits of being a resident of the state of Idaho is that for just $10 a year, or $20 for two years, we can enter any of the Idaho State Parks for free! So this past Friday we went on our first … Continue reading Just for fun!

Now the green blade riseth…

We are now at roughly 16 days away from my next pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The reality of the pilgrimage is slowly setting in; including the fact that I will be leaving my 8-month-old son for the first time for a transcontinental trip. Though I am not feeling anxious or sad yet, I am … Continue reading Now the green blade riseth…