Geography of the Holy Land for $100, Alex

Today marked the first official day of our pilgrimage and it was all about geography. In order to better understand the stories in scripture and get a sense of the area, we spent the day getting to know our immediate neighborhood where we will be staying for most of the pilgrimage and we received a … Continue reading Geography of the Holy Land for $100, Alex

Concerning Baggage and Tattoos

In my last post I was reflecting on the nature of pilgrimages and brought up the question about what is the baggage that I will be carrying with me on the pilgrimage? I also wondered, of that baggage what do I need to leave behind before I go and what can I leave over there? … Continue reading Concerning Baggage and Tattoos

What is a pilgrimage?

This time next week I will be sitting in the Newark Airport waiting for our flight from Newark to Tel Aviv. By 7:00pm local time, we will have boarded the 11+ hour nonstop flight and we will be on our way. Of course my pilgrimage will begin the day before as I make my way … Continue reading What is a pilgrimage?